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Below are a selection of Work Stations from designers in the Central Institue of Technology Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design Class of 2012:

 Jess Smith

So yeah, my setup is probably too full of junk – more than I can afford. And a billion pieces of paper stuck on the wall.

I actually have two desks because I wanted a space to actually draw – so one for my computer and one for the good old pen and paper.

My tools for design consist of my iMac that’s now in it’s second year of use with me; and my Intuos4 Wacom large tablet.
I am heading down the path of being a conceptual designer for the entertainment industry – thus all the amounts of character thumbnails are stuck on my wall in front for my drawing desk – which are only like 1/8 of the rest that are stuffed in my folders. For me, I believe pinning things up is a great way to keep your inspiration and creativity going – you’ll always have something to look at and ideas just come.
There’s also a bunch of other stuff on the wall, like the old posters, drawings I’ve been given and pieces of papers with the text ”YOU SHOULD BE DRAWING/PAINTING NOW.” It’s a good way to guilt-trip you into doing work.

I’ve also got a lightbox, which is now being very handy this year as in Advanced Diploma, we’re very independent in illustration (thank god) – so having this at home is handy instead of lining up for one at college. There’s also the ancient printer that I use for a scanner, and a pile of reference books next to my sound system connected to my iMac. Music is important.

And yeah. That’s pretty much it.

Oh yeah, and Deasy’s caricature copy of Morgan Freeman’s head is there. Looking at me everyday. Telling me to keep drawing.

I better go draw now. Morgan’s giving me the look again.

Steph Weir

Steph Weir Desk

By looking at my workspace you can guess at how many projects are going (and how stressed out I am) just by observing how messy and cluttered its getting, just so you can find a base measure its pretty clean at the moment haha.

At the moment I’m still clinging to my just out of date macbook pro and have my tablet and other gadgets stored in my drawers to the left of the desk, along with my vast selection of paper which I usually find too precious to use and must force myself to stop being so stingy in order to use from time to time. (they’re just so nice!)

As you may guess from the inks gouache and basket of pencils I’m currently focused on illustration and so I spend many hours of my life tucked away in this corner in my room, hence the pile of empty chip packets and constantly replaced mug.

The pin up board there reminds me of a time when I had a social life with timetables and cards of hobbies I try to squeeze into my week.

I do have plans to tidy up and maybe try to make my desk white again (its currently a grey and is littered in tape and erasing) also a more comfortable chair and some OS upgrades are in the pipeline, just as soon as i have some savings…

OK, got to get working or I will never get those upgrades!! cya!


Ben Cole

What You Got Goin On?

  • Macbook Pro Mid 2009
  • Wacom Intuos 2 Special Edition – Medium
  • Dell U2312HM 23″ Monitor
  • Logitech Performance MX Mouse
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard
  • Panasonic Home Theatre Setup (off screen)

Why This Setup?

The Macbook I bought when I first started TAFE, and although it needs an upgrade now, it’s still doing OK, and I just got a new battery for it, so at least it’s still chugging along without me having to plug it in all the time. The desk has been a godsend, especially during Illustration classes when I needed to use the light tables. Not quite as good as the TAFE ones, but I got my electrician mate to build a nice light box underneath the glass which shines a near-blinding level of illumination, so it definitely works as intended!!!

The Intuos was bought before Diploma Illustration cause I knew I’d spend WAAAY too much time on the digital illustrations to be able to do it all at TAFE, and again, although I would love an upgrade, this one’s doing just fine. The Dell monitor is an entry level IPS panel screen (any designer worth their salt knows this is important!) which was within the budget but still has all the performance I need. And the Logitech mouse is smooth and responsive for all the day to day mousing requirements.

Finally, tunes are blasted through the the Panasonic Home Theatre system, streamed via the PS3. Yes, the controller is on the desk for music control, not for lunchtime gaming sessions! (although often I use it for that too! 😉 ).

Now that i’m working from home, I realised how important it is to have a comfortable setup, since i’m in there at least 8 hours a day, so the next purchase will be a nice chair to keep me comfy. An Aeron Chair would be the ideal, but something tells me I’ll need to get a few more jobs to pay for that!!!

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